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Comprehensive, Integrated Reform of Civil Service is Urgent Matter, Royal Message

Skhirate  -  
The comprehensive, integrated reform of the civil service is an urgent matter, said HM King Mohammed VI, calling for the concept of public service to be put at the heart of the new development model.

In a message to the participants in the National Forum on the Senior Civil Service, which opened on Tuesday in Skhirate at the initiative of the ministry of administration and civil service reform, the sovereign underlined that government agencies, at both central and local levels, are at a crossroads today. This means civil servants are expected to be actively involved in the country's economic and social transformation process and support public policies and development projects in the country.

HM the King said in the message, read out by sovereign's advisor Abdeltif Manouni, that administration reform was necessary for the civil service to perform more efficiently, to be in step with the changes the country is witnessing, to adjust to global developments and to contribute to efforts to rise to the development challenges facing our country.

"This is a strategic choice that will unquestionably help lay the foundations for the development model to which we are aspiring, in addition to making the civil service an effective tool for the promotion of public policies in various sectors," HM the King underlined.

HM the King recalled that, soon after his accession to the throne of his glorious ancestors, He defined a new concept of authority, was keen to enshrine good governance in the Constitution as an indispensable ingredient for the organization and management of the civil service and sought to give substance to the constitutional principle of linking public office with accountability.

The sovereign called, on this occasion, for the promulgation of the civil service charter provided for in the Constitution and for that charter to be given a mandatory character, which will make it a key reference document for good governance as far as the management of government agencies, local governments and public bodies is concerned.

"I also want that charter to clearly and unequivocally reflect my new concept of authority, which covers all civil categories and levels, without exception," the monarch said in the message.

"The efficient management of the means and resources needed to achieve comprehensive development puts the issue of the efficiency of the civil service and of state institutions in sharp focus, thereby underscoring the need to review their work methods and modes for the management of public funds in order to achieve optimal use of the resources available," HM the King underlined.

"I am sure you realize that the issue of efficiency is closely linked to that of competitiveness," HM the King noted, adding that "the merit and effectiveness of the civil service today are measured by the extent to which they contribute to enhancing a country's competitive edge and enabling it to engage in cutthroat competition for investment, expertise and capital, given the prospects these assets open up for economic and social development as well as job creation, especially for young people."

HM the King went on to say that advanced regionalization, which is viewed as an effective, practical approach to local governance, is the foundation on which the civil service should be based so as to bring public services, public institutions and decision-making centers closer to the citizens.

The sovereign underscored that the civil service must have competent staff in all professional categories through ensuring continuous personnel and senior staff training.

"Actual needs and the credentials required should be taken into account during the recruitment process, and the requirements of competence, merit and equal opportunity should be strictly complied with," His Majesty stressed.

"We also need to train new generations of senior civil servants to serve in various public departments and agencies. We must also attract highly qualified professionals, making sure they have a keen sense of responsibility as well as the skills needed for effective communication, strategic planning and project management," HM the King added.

The sovereign said that such a large-scale reform project requires an overhaul of the regulations concerned, improved management methods, the raising of moral standards in the civil service and the development of the legal framework.

"Inspiration should also be drawn from the private sector management model and the best international practices in the field," the sovereign insisted, noting that using modern technology is crucial to improving public service performance.

The Moroccan civil service will achieve the desired level of efficiency and productivity only if there is a change in mentality and a break with shameful behaviour and practices that are detrimental to government agencies and employees alike, such as bribery, corruption, abuse of power or neglect of one's duties, the monarch underlined.

The National Forum on the Senior Civil Service, held under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, is themed "the restructuring of the senior civil service".

The event, which is attended by several ministers, senior officials and experts, is aimed at examining the situation and taking stock of changes and imbalances in the civil service system.

Last modified : 27 February 2018


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