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Morocco, Canada Discuss Evolutions in Audiovisual World

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Following the various institutional exchanges between Morocco’s High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), Canada’s National Public Broadcaster (CBC/ Radio Canada) and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), five central directors from the Canadian Public Audiovisual Broadcaster carried out a business mission in Morocco to exchange expertise with HACA’s officials from 22nd to 25th October, 2018.
Morocco, Canada Discuss Evolutions in Audiovisual World
26 October 2018

This immersion desired by the Canadian directors was an opportunity to detail, during thematic workshops and conferences addressed to the directors and the personnel of the HACA, the experiences of the Canadian public sector regarding  ongoing evolutions in the audiovisual world, together with its multiple complexities and digital innovations, HACA said in a release.

These discussions were, consensually, focused on the challenges and problematics that the HACA is tackling, through a holistic and advanced approach, such as diversity, storage, the future of regulation in the digital convergences era, the relations of public institutional media with governments and regulators, mobility or cyber-mobility of media users and audiovisual content consumers, the functional disruption of regulation paradigms and missions (the disruptive approach), the organization of research with its frameworks and referential terms, the margins of flexibility and agility regarding the political public sector programs and regulation plans versus the conformity required,   in the democratic countries, in the institutional texts, as the constitution or the “ Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms” (in Canada for instance), the laws governing the audiovisual sector, telecommunications, internet or digital communication as a whole, etc. 

The diversity of the profiles and the professional carriers of the Canadian delegation allowed the conduct of a meticulous analysis on this large spectrum that is covering wide work fields initiated by the HACA, regarding both the public service situation and the whole audiovisual landscape devastated by the digital sphere with its multiple new vectors, supports, contents, economy modals, actors, audiences, etc, the source added.

This delegation was headed by former Prime Director of Audiovisual Operations Mr. Guy Quirion, in addition to the Director of Strategic Surveillance Ms. Louise-Hélène Paquette, Prime Director of Multimedia Library and Archives, Mr. Patrick Monette, Prime Director of Diversity and Civic Relations, Mr. Luc Simard, as well as Manager of Broadcasting and Relations with the Regulator CRTC, Mr. James François.

Last modified : 26 October 2018


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